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Rental Application Process

All of our apartments will require a completed rental application.

Cranberry Corners Rentals will require a completed rental application for every adult that will be living in the rental unit.  The rental application process will include at a minimum a criminal history and credit check but may be expanded to include income verification, previous landlord interviews, as well as other checks.  This is intended to protect our property owners, our business and most importantly the other tenants.

When evaluating completed applications there is no set standard for all of our properties.  The property types and rent amounts vary greatly from property to property therefore it is impossible to give a set list of parameters.  We do, however, carefully consider the rent amount versus the verified income, credit reports , civil court judgements and open collections.  Our other area of focus is the legal perspective which would include criminal charges, small claim cases and previous evictions.

We do charge a $15.00 application fee and require the applications be signed by the applicant.  NOTE: A copy  of the credit report will be provided to the applicant if requested.

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